Modern Family Living: The Responsibilities of Fathers

Modern Family Living: The responsibilities of Fathers

The father figure in the family is as important or holds even equal importance as to a mother’s role. Mothers and fathers are partners in the raising of their children, where both play an equal role. 

Gone were the days where mothers are the ones who would stay home and take care of the kids while fathers are at work. The responsibilities of fathers in the current world had grown leaps and bound.

We are now also responsible for being a shoulder to lean on during difficult times and giving hugs when needed, next to protecting at all costs. The dad also needs to be available 24 hours a day just like mom does and understand things that may be difficult to talk about with mom.

The changing responsibilities of fathers in modern time

In the past, our role as a father was always as a primary provider, and that’s it. Men shy away from all the responsibilities of being a father and leave all the parenting to the women.

Fathers are always stern figures in the family, and children are usually distanced from them as it is just difficult to establish any relationships.

The modern-day dad has more responsibilities than before; with both parents sharing responsibility for their children’s upbringing, it is easier for them to be closer with each other and the kids themselves. 

The changing roles of fathers are apparent, especially when we compare how we used to interact with our parents to how children these days. 

Not only do we have to take on the role of a husband, but we are now also taking on more responsibilities, such as child-rearing; it is considered to be healthy for dads to get actively involved in their children’s overall well-being so that they have a better role model to grow up in a complete environment. 

What is the main role of a father in a family

The father’s role in a family is to be an anchor, providing stability by being present even if difficult times arise or when it is just needed.

We are also there to provide a male figure in the household, someone who can be strict when needed or even gentle and understanding and provide parenting to our wife.

It all depends on what personality they are portraying as this role of theirs will impact their children’s future. 

Dads have more responsibilities than just being the “breadwinner”; he needs to be there for their children at all times, providing protection and stability.

It is also important that the father has a good relationship with the mother to share responsibilities and provide understanding when it comes down to sensitive topics or even just comforting each other during difficult times. 

Children will learn from both parents at an early age how they should behave or what is right from wrong, and they will learn to respect and look upon their moms and dads.

It is very important to have a good father figure in the family for many reasons. Just like mothers are hardwired by their biology to be more nurturing than fathers who are biologically built with an instinct to be providers, which can cause tension between them and children. 

To raise happy and healthy kids, fathers need to be present in their lives and be active participants for them so they can improve communication with each other while also bonding together.

It may seem like he isn’t doing much, but the father is as important in a family as any other role. The responsibilities of a father are equally important as to the mother and should be taken very seriously to create a balanced environment for the child.

What is expected from a father to his child

The bond between a father and child is very crucial for the healthy development of a child, especially when the father is present in their lives.

Fathers need to connect with children at an early age to leave a lasting impression years later when the child is older.

When a child starts exhibiting certain behaviors, it would be best for the dad to talk with the mother or other family members about what should be done next and be committed to being there whenever and wherever possible because children want their dads around just as much as they need them. 

Children would always look up to their fathers for different things as to their mother, and not doing so can lead to underdeveloped or unhealthy relationships in adulthood. It is important that during a child’s growth, the father takes on a teaching approach and provides advice, teaching, and emotional support.

A Father to a Son

Many people do not realize that the first man in a son’s life is his father, so it is important for him to understand what he should be doing when faced with certain situations and the responsibilities of being a man.

This can also help the child grow into adulthood and become more stable as they are exposed to different perspectives from both parents. We need not just a figure that we can emulate but one we can have a conversation with and learn from.

A Father to His Daughter 

In contrast to the bond between fathers and sons, what is expected of him is different in his daughter’s life. 

Daughters will look up to their father as an example when it comes down to how a man should treat them because they will be forced to grow up, get married someday, and become someone’s wife.

Fathers always have their daughter’s best interest at heart, teaching her what she should do or how she should react in different situations so that when it comes down to relationships, later on, dad would have paved the way for her future.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a father

The duties and responsibilities of a father are to be the protector, provider, nurturer, teacher, friend, and companion all in one for their children. 

To raise happy and healthy kids, fathers need to make efforts and be present in their child’s life. It is not just there, but you need to actively participate in them to improve communication, understand your child, and grow with them.

It’s not just about the material things, but also the emotional support and guidance that fathers provide to their children because they will need this later on in life when faced with different challenges. Being there for your child means being present emotionally instead of just physically or financially. It takes a lot of work and effort to be a father, and it’s not an easy task.

It’s not always easy as fathers have their responsibilities in life, like finding time for family or balancing careers with raising children. But what is important and challenging is that fathers need to make an equal contribution towards the balance so both parents can work together to raise a child.

Parents’ roles are equal, and fathers must understand this because we play our part in the balance by contributing to a child’s development in a different way that is beneficial to them.

To help a child grow into adulthood and become more stable, fathers need to be aware of the different situations they should prepare for when faced with it to guide them in life. 

Father’s Importance and Impact on a child’s life when growing up

I grew up in a single-parent situation where I felt at times when I needed my father to be there for many reasons where I sometimes need a hug which I never had. 

Mum is always different. They will always love and give you all their best, and the thing is that there are different areas where mums cannot take the place of a dad in terms of communication and understanding; it simply cannot replace the position of having a dad and vice versa.

When I think about it now, my mother did a good job as she raised me and took care of me but still, there were times where I wanted to have that father figure in the family.

This is just one of the many examples of why fathers impact a child’s life, as they are an important part of a child’s development. Some may argue that mothers can do them just as well, but to be very truthful about this, both are equally important as each provides a balance to the child in their way. 

Dad and mum each have their duties to their child and have their place in the household.

Teaching children the importance of family values

It is the responsibility of both parents to teach their children the importance of family values and how they should behave with others.

Being respectful and having good manners towards people besides their family, children grow up with a sense of responsibility that is not just based on what’s expected from them but also what they expect out of themselves, which will make an impact when they step into society.

Provide emotional sustenance

A father can also offer emotional sustenance by teaching his child how to be strong and persevere when they are struggling. 

This teaches them that it’s okay to feel disappointed or frustrated but that you have the power within yourself to overcome these feelings to move on with life. This is a valuable lesson for all children, not just children of fathers.

One way to offer emotional sustenance is by ensuring that your child knows they are loved unconditionally, no matter what happens in life. This will help them be confident and feel like they have the power to persevere through difficult times.

Provide physical protection

Physical protection is one of the many ways fathers can provide their children with a safe environment to grow up in. Fathers teach their children how to avoid or recognize dangerous situations and learn skills to keep them safe, like fire safety or bike riding. Teaching these skills protects the father’s child from danger and helps raise confident kids who know how to take care of themselves.

Provide financial security

In a perfect world, a father should provide for his children financially to the best of his ability, this would be the case, but it’s not always possible for various reasons. 

The responsibility of providing financial security often falls on both parents, and in many cases, women make more to sustain the household. However, putting egos aside, a father should still always do the best of their capability. It is not only to ensure the child is financially secure for their education and future but also to show your wife you are trying to do your best.

Provide opportunity

A father should provide his children with opportunities to show them what it takes to get a job and make sure that he encourages them and proves mental support to them to do what they want to do in the best possible way.

We may at times think what we do is best for them but remember that it is their life that they will lead. The decision may not be optimal, but it would be an opportunity for the child to learn and as an opportunity to understand what is right, wrong, and its consequences.

Help children work through problems

We should show a child that they do not need to be perfect and help them understand the importance of failure, which will allow them to grow and become more resilient. 

Be an example for emotional well-being

The father can teach his child about how their emotions work, how to manage them, and how they feel to help them identify the many different feelings that humans have, such as anger, sadness, or happiness. 

It will help the child develop emotional intelligence and learn that negative feelings are normal, but it is important to know how to manage them to be healthy.

Be a role model

A father should offer guidance, support, and encouragement when children are struggling or feeling down. Children will always look up to their parents and what a father does provides an example of how they should act in a relationship or find themselves struggling with difficult situations.

Thus, the importance of a role model in a child’s life is crucial to shaping the person they will become.

Direct our children’s behavior

A father should instill in his child the importance of being punctual, respectful, honest, responsible, and learn to plan by encouraging them to study for tests, save money, or plan out their day. Allow the child to understand the importance of what they do to make sure mistakes are minimal, and their actions have consequences.

Give tough love when it is appropriate

Fathers need a unique balance between being there for their children and being a tough love. When needed, they should provide discipline appropriately so that their children can learn from what happened and act differently next time around. 

Help with self-esteem

A father needs to show his child how proud he is of them when they do something good or accomplish a goal. When a child feels supported and happy, they can try things that might be difficult because of their high self-esteem.

Offer unconditional love

Fathers offer unconditional love, sometimes unspoken but always expressed with actions of caring, listening, and being there for them.

Why is communication necessary

Children need to know that they are loved and appreciated by their parents. When fathers spend time talking with their children, it can convey feelings of warmth and respect. Fathers who communicate well often have more involved relationships with kids than those who don’t talk much or plan activities together regularly. 

Communication is important because many fathers have a lot on their plates. A father’s work is often demanding, so they may not always spend time with their children when it would be best for them. This leads to parents talking more by phone or email than in person, which can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings about being ignored or forgotten – even if that isn’t the intention.

Make efforts to talk to your child face-to-face more often to show them how much you care about them and value their opinions.

Encourage one-on-one time for father and child. Schedule quality time with your children about what you’re going through with them, and hearing their thoughts can build a sense of trust that will help strengthen the relationship. 

Take time for quality father-child games in person rather than just online. This provides opportunities for better communication; a child needs to hold, hug and touch you to know you are there. This will allow them to know you are focus on them and giving them the proper attention they need.


It is not always easy being a father of the modern era. Society has changed, and fathers are expected to be more involved in their children’s lives than before. The responsibilities that come with this title can start from before birth through adulthood. 

As much as money is important, remember that it does mean anything to a child when they do not see their dads. Not saying you should not, but there is always time for everything, and what else could be more important than coming home every day and being greeted by your child who is so excited to see and hug you. The love from a child is pure, so step up, dads!

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