How trust the process can change your life

How trust the process can change your life


It’s often problematic for people to believe in themselves and their abilities. It’s even more complicated when things don’t go your way, or you make a mistake. We all want instant gratification, but there is no such thing as an overnight success story in real life.

The reality is that success takes time and hard work to build, and everything starts with a process. Yes, the process can be frustrating at times, so people give up on it so often, but the process makes success happen.

Some people might argue that trusting the process can be difficult, especially when things aren’t going your way or not knowing what to expect. However, this shows how vital the process is because if you don’t demonstrate patience and stick with it, you won’t see all of its benefits.

“Life is not a destination. It’s an adventure. We all need to trust the process and be patient with ourselves.”

The man behind trusting the process, Sam Hinkie

Sam Hinkie is a general manager for Philadelphia 76ers who had an unconventional approach for his entire career. He began The Process, which he called “a methodical strategy” to build through the draft by trading away any available veteran players and letting newcomers take over games so that they not only can improve themselves but also give them something valuable: experience with being on teams that are destined for mediocrity before they even step onto court or field.

When the Philadelphia 76ers traded their lone All-Star, Jrue Holiday, on the night of Hinkie’s first draft as general manager, it was clear that the Sixers would be attempting an aggressive tanking effort. Many people referred to this approach as ‘trust the process, which took on a life of its own and became a motto for all those who believe in this approach.

Today, trust the process is no longer just used by sports and many entrepreneurs who are also taking their business to the next level with The Process Approach.

What does it mean for one to trust the process

The idea of trusting the process is to realize that there is no magic pill for success, but it will always take diligence and perseverance. Once you know your goal or dreams, then the only thing left to do is work hard on achieving them, which means taking baby steps towards making those ideas fundamental.

Learn to trust the process at the right time, but don “t push or rush your way. It can take you into places you did not imagine, and everything starts with patience, trust, faith and confidence. When trusting the path to your job that you will work your way to get there while you aren’t where you thought you were.

Trust the process requires lots of patience and belief in yourself and your judgments. Everyone has dreams or goals they work towards, but it’s important to remember that nothing worth having comes easy. It takes time, energy and effort to put into what you want out of life. Trusting your path means working hard every day without skipping a beat because this is how success happens.

How trust the process can help you succeed

In life, it’s essential to have a strong foundation that will help you succeed. Trusting the process can be an essential part of success because it shows people that everything will eventually work out no matter how difficult something might seem now.

People need to have patience and faith in themselves before anything happens for them, which means believing you’ll get where you want to go.

Of course, you still need to put in the work and effort, but it means having patience and belief in yourself because it can lead to something bigger than one could ever imagine or dreamed of before. It is also important not to rush anything but rather take things slow so that you don’t miss out on what could otherwise be great opportunities for your future success.

Learn to trust the process to your advantage

The process is simple yet powerful; we can use it to our advantage by not consuming negative thoughts. If you have a goal or dream in mind, use the process and allow it to guide you through your journey.

Negative energy pulls people off course most of the time, as when people are unsure about the future, it is human nature to have negative thoughts and want to give up. We do this because our minds cannot wrap around what will happen in the future; there is too much anticipation on what will or will not work. So we create worst-case scenarios that can be terrifying and end up draining us of energy before having even started on that journey.

The challenging part of the process is if you can control and manage your thoughts, trust the process, and manage your emotions, then allow it to guide your journey.

Learn to worry only about things you can control.

Everyone needs to feel understood and come to specific conclusions, and be able to keep their actions. For progress in personal development, you must believe that any factors out of your control will impact your development.

Keep positive thoughts in your life and find ways to appreciate both good and bad experiences that get you closer to the goal. You have to think good things will come to you no matter when you try to force yourself. Think about the progress your life would make if you stopped worrying about who you were and spent your entire existence trying to control everything instead of choosing the lessons they’ve taught you.

Put what you learn to practice during each step of the process

Before getting into something new, you should master what you’ve learned. It will help you improve several of your processes which will ultimately influence your overall success. You need to look beyond the surface of strategies you learned from doing additional research.

Build up your knowledge and look into the basics of each process. The key to being successful is getting through your fears and learning from mistakes, which will help you improve your processes over time. It would help if you also learned to be more open-minded about new opportunities as they arise along the way.

There’s no telling what can happen if we become too set in our ways or stop listening to new ideas. You should always be open to new opportunities that can help you make progress towards your goal, even if they seem strange at first. As long as it does not go against any of the values you have already established for yourself and is something positive, it will allow you to take on a fresh perspective on things that enable additional insights.

You can learn so much more than what is in front of you at this moment and then apply it to future opportunities that will allow you to make better and faster progress towards your goal.

Focus on the value that of the process

Learn to appreciate each year as you work toward your objective, even if you don’t achieve in all areas. Celebrate everything you accomplished by setting small, reachable goals and celebrating small victories.

Regardless of big or small, the crucial point here is that you need to enjoy the process as long as your set goals are achieved. For example, if you have a goal of publishing a self-help book within the next 1 year. Attaining this goal won’t ever make one million bucks but would provide a gateway to a logical next step.

It’s always beneficial to look at the overall picture and what you gained from your journey towards this goal. There are things that we cannot control, but by focusing on how much value you can bring into someone’s life, it will be easier for you to understand the value of every experience along the way and the progress you have made. It will allow you to become more confident in your decision-making skills and help you set new goals that are achievable on a day-to-day basis while allowing you to continue working towards your overall goal over time, which is progress if you look at it.

Embracing your failure is part of the process

Failure is one of the most critical parts of trusting the process; it also means you can trust the process of growth. You can’t grow if you don’t have that chance, and there’s nowhere to go if you’re already able to do what you do perfectly.

I’d be willing to bet that you wouldn’t have become who you are now if you had not taken advantage of some opportunity to grow. You’ll recognize that you were where you want to be regardless of whether you suffered a failure, and it provided an opportunity for growth.

It’s impossible to go through life without failing, but if you keep on learning from your mistakes, eventually, you’ll succeed.

People with bad experiences are more likely to be cautious in the future, which is a good thing as it means they will learn not to do this again. However, if someone has been successful for a long enough time, they tend to stop learning and can overlook many things during the process.

Look ahead and visualize success

Positive thinking increases endorphin levels which boost positive emotion and gives confidence to the mind. It creates a positive mindset that will allow you to make progress towards your goals in the future. It can also help relax your body and give you more energy, which allows you to think logically when faced with challenges that may have seemed impossible otherwise.

Use positivity to your strengths so you can motivate and help yourself along the way. Trusting the process means believing in what we do, even if we don’t always see results or move forward as quickly as we would like. It is how we will eventually succeed, look ahead and envision your success and motivate ourselves to move forward.

Leap of faith into the unknown

Is unknown all bad or dangerous? No one knows; it can turn out to be positive experiences or unexpected outcomes, whichever way, you will never know till you take the leap. When one overthinks and starts to ponder over everything little things, you stay stagnant and cannot move forward.

What are some of the benefits of taking a leap of faith into unknown territory, risky situations or decisions that have no guarantee?

Sometimes, leaping into the unknown can be scary, but it is worth taking that risk at times. When you don’t know something and want to learn more, this is an opportunity for growth! With every new experience, we gain knowledge about ourselves. We learn what do we like or dislike? What are our boundaries and limitations? Trust the process, learn to trust yourself and take calculated risks.

Ignore the toxic naysayers

You will always get supportive members who believe in YOU and your goal. But there will also be negative people that want to warn you that if you fall, you’re not going to succeed and that you will fail. In my words, FFS, ignore them!

You can’t let negative people bring you down because they take away your motivation and drive to work towards success when they do. Don’t think of ‘happiness” as a goal or something for later in life; feel happy with every moment of your life and enjoy it fully! It’s in the small things in life that we come to appreciate and love.

Trust your process! You can do it if you want to, believe in yourself and follow through with your goals.

Have more gratitude

How does gratitude work in the process? The more you’re grateful for what you have, the better your life will become. Why?

You are focusing on positive things instead of negative ones as you start not to worry excessively. When we are thankful and taking time to appreciate all that we have in our lives, it can change our perspective about many different situations. In return can impact many of the decisions that you make.

Try to be happy with every moment even if it is not what you want., life is never fair, and be grateful for having the opportunity to live another day and be thankful for every moment of your life.

The benefits and impact of trusting the process

Throughout the process, what you gain is true self-confidence, wisdom and a greater understanding of yourself.

Here are some great benefits you have gained from the process trust without actually realizing them yourself.

You become resilient

Resilience becomes a component of your personality. You don’t have to keep an eye on things or make things happen all the time. You’ve already experienced a lot of battle. You start to understand that the situation doesn’t have to be permanent. Resiliency comes from relying on a procedure. You understood what you didn’t know anything about, and you’re confident in your ability to rise to the challenge.

You become more patient

You develop your personality and attitude when you allow things to take their course. You begin practicing excellent discipline and patience. You believe there is a solution that will be resolved at some point and that it requires a significant amount of time.

You start to learn to be “at the moment” and not get carried away by distractions. You become more aware of your surroundings, the people you interact with or meet.

You become open to change

Change may never be a one-time event, and wherever we happen to be, it is just the proof of it. It happens when you believe in the work of adapting to change, which can occur at any moment. It’s the only thing you’re able to avoid if you can’t predict the future.

When things are not within your control, you learn to manage and adapt to make the best out of it. Change happens at any moment, and how people react to these changes largely depends on their personality type. Being more open-minded will help you adjust more effortlessly than others and gain better outcomes.

You are less likely to hurt yourself

If the strain on your life makes someone else unhappy, it’s easy to shatter their heart. Being confident in yourself lets you quit stressing about things since you know there is no point in worrying about a method that will not alter anything. It’s preferable if you just let it go because you know that nothing will change due to obsessing over it.

You realize timing is everything

You know when you will realize your goals in the end, but everything is simply a question of when and how. It is also why pain exists so that we may have perfect timing to fulfill our objectives after obtaining the knowledge we just learned.

You have to trust the timing of things and allow them to happen naturally without forcing things to happen. Not everything has a purpose, so some particular events are not important enough for you to understand why they happened the way they did.

You become more optimistic

Optimism is an essential part of success in anything that you do or want to achieve because it increases your chances of success by giving you more opportunities. When you show optimism, others around you will also emulate that same behavior and become optimistic themselves. It is a lot easier to accomplish things when surrounded by people with the same attitude towards life as yourself.

You grow through everything

You had grown even while you were enduring the most trying of situations. Trust implies that you haven’t attempted to dominate it since you know that everything is OK and that you are safe. You may have a lifetime of development if you trust the process.

You will grow strong from the process of going through those tough times. It’s a time when your character develops, making them stronger as they go forward in life.

You are clear on your purpose

Everyone has a purpose, and that’s why believing is so important. That may appear to be a cliche, but it will eventually find its way into your life.

When everything is difficult, trust helps you find what’s straightforward about it. You have faith that there are many more good people on this planet than bad ones and feel certain things happen for a reason. No matter how tough times

You are more confident

When you know that you’ve put forth a lot of effort, you have more confidence in yourself to achieve your objectives. You build greater confidence in yourself when you are aware of your abilities. You might not have even realized it, but the fact that you could push through makes you feel confident in yourself.

You become more organized

When you know what to expect, it’s easier for you to deal with things systematically. It is one of the reasons why people who can live life without stress tend to be well-organized and always plan. They’re not afraid of change since they’ve already anticipated that something will come up.

You become more focused and motivated

When you know that what’s going on now will help you in the end, it becomes easier to focus on your goals with a lot of motivation. You may feel as if everything is difficult because there are many factors to consider, but try not to let this stop you from moving forward.

Final thoughts on trust the process

The benefits of trusting the process are endless, but it can be challenging to do when you’re in a place where it feels like nothing is going your way. Trusting yourself and the process that led you here will allow for more happiness in what might feel like an otherwise dark time.

Your only job is to continue making the best of your situation and trust in yourself that things will get better. The process may be a slow one, but you’ll realize later on why you needed to go through all these challenges at this point.


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