35 self care Sunday ideas and routine for men

35 self care Sunday ideas for men


You must be thinking, this is madness. Why would a man need whatever nonsense self care Sunday?

Allow me to set the record straight by first stating that this is the 21st century and that men are now classified as metrosexual, spornosexual, and lumbersexual; in other words, we all can have self care Sundays, regardless of our gender.

So what has it got to do with men going on a Sunday self care routine?

In short, if you practice self care, it helps you find balance and more peace in your life and work, and it’s a way to pamper yourself from your already hectic schedule and, at the same time, improve your self-esteem and build confidence which benefits your mental health.

Sounds interesting? Read on to find out more about the self care ideas that you can think about.

What is actually self care

Firstly, guys need to understand that self care includes giving yourself few moments to take care of yourself to be healthy, thereby accomplishing anything you need to for yourself or the others around it.

It improves your physical and mental health so that you get to charge up and be the best version of yourself. The benefits of self care lie in accomplishing your daily requirements and activities so that you go through the day without feeling exhausted or anything negative.

It’s a healthy lifestyle, and it doesn’t just apply to women. Men can have self care Sunday routine just like women.

How does a self care routine help men

Self care equates to self-love, and it brings about a positive attitude every individual needs at every point of life. A good self care routine enhances one’s ability to accomplish tasks on time which is necessary for day-to-day tasks. It boosts your confidence, makes you mentally strong, and allows for overall good health.

Practicing self care routine can help you identify your flaws and work on areas that require improvement to be better than you are.

The combination of these factors boosts self-esteem, increases productivity and effectiveness in life. It also contributes to good relationships with the people around you.

By including self-care in your daily lives, people may boost their personal development, which aids in achieving the overall objective.

Why is self care so important

Have you ever noticed or wonder why some guys are constantly on a higher week in week out?

This results from a good self care routine where they use the practices to help them fix their flaws and maintain or enhance their overall well-being.

In contrast, some people have never cared or made efforts to care about themselves so much before, making it difficult for them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Self care is the most important thing you should focus on if you want to go through life feeling good about yourself and the people around you. It’s not selfish, self care is vital in having a healthy lifestyle.

It encourages routine check-ins with yourself in case you feel and do what you do best. With proper planning in the right direction for the entire day, you will notice you get enough sleep, feel more productive, and feel good.

There is almost an instant boost in productivity as you will notice that you accomplish more tasks at hand and also at the same stay motivated.

Self care helps develop a positive attitude and eradicates the negativity improving your own happiness. It is perfectly possible to eliminate negative feelings by making a few adjustments to your daily routine.

Starting a self care Sunday routine

How can I become more productive after the week is over?

Most people rest on Sundays, and it is the last day of the week; unless you don’t, you are also welcome to use these suggestions for a weekday program to refresh your psyche and body.

The point here is just to pick a day from that week to incorporate self-care activities into your schedule. You need to spend at least 1 day a week or month breathing profoundly and doing things that matter best to you.

If you’re not sure where to begin, you’re in luck! I have compiled a list of 35 ideas for your perfect self care Sunday to help you plan.

Go out for brunch with your friends

Sometimes self-care can be done better with someone else. Treat yourself with things you usually resist. If people don’t like brunch, just calling your best friends remains a good practice.

Sit down and have some alone time

After a week of hectic schedules, you might find it helpful to spend some time alone. Get away from your phone and laptop so that you can rest your mind and rejuvenate yourself.

Brighten your smile

Your teeth should become your best asset. Whiting your teeth is a regular weekly self care Sunday routine because if you drink a lot of coffee daily, it really helps. The white stripe enhances your smile and gives you extra confidence boosts!

Do a full-body workout

No matter how busy you are, make time to exercise. If you are lazy to hit the gym, your Sunday morning ritual can be a full-body workout day. It shows your commitment and discipline. Set aside 30 minutes for each workout session.

Facemask skin care

Yes, absolutely. You’ll notice a difference in your skin if you get a decent shave and put on some face masks for men. Try to do this once a week, and you’ll be able to feel the difference in your skin as all of the impurities that come out of your face no matter how hard we try to avoid them

Take a long bath

Take a hot bath to relax. Relax with a shower bomb or some essential oil and wine, beer, or even a podcast if you like. This isn’t just for women; men can do this as well, stop being so traditional. If your tub is large enough, you may also invite your wife to sit in it and chill out.

Practice gratitude

Keep a gratitude journal; people who are grateful for everything and every time have a propensity to do so are generally in a better mood, leading to improved mental health.

A person feels better about himself when he has more compassion for others and is more sociable than anyone who does not.

Cook your favorite meal

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or someone else, preparing a meal to share is an excellent idea. You may cook dinner for your family and eat it with no shame. Prepare any necessary goods and relax in your kitchen for a few minutes with some music or an audiobook on.

Enjoy your favorite hobby

Take time off your work without distraction. Get in that perfect condition and let yourself indulge in your hobby. Keep your passion alive with no distraction.

Go for a mindful walk in nature

The purpose of the walk is not about the exercise of the walk. Take a moment to take in sights and sounds, stop and enjoy your surroundings. Relax in nature to see the sights and sounds of the environment, take in the fresh air, let time slip by, and feel free to enjoy it all.

Turn off your phone

No phone day is good for the soul and helps keep you close to important people, such as family or yourself. Put down that phone and spend time with your kids or loved ones.

Clean your house

I consider myself a clean freak, so I do spend moments cleaning the house. It makes you feel fantastic when everything is tidy, and you get bonus points for being an excellent spouse.

Turn off your alarm

I wake up at 5 a.m. every day, as my blog’s name implies. So, if you’re trying to do some self-care on Sunday, turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. When you get up in the morning, you’ll be more refreshed since you took time for yourself during the night.

Spiritual self care

You may not be religious or believe in spirituality, but you are having a quiet time for yourself. Make up your own ritual of attending to your spiritual needs, whether yoga, meditation, or prayer. It can mean meditating alone in nature or attending service at church. Do what works best for you and gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Have a spa day

Skin care, face mask, massage, scrubbing off the dead skin cells. What more need I say, book an appointment and have a spa day. If you are adventurous, you should get a foot massage as it is perfect for people with high blood pressure.

Read a book

Catch up on your reading, sit down have a healthy smoothie or some green tea. Open that book and just read and keep your mind off things.


Plan a list of series or movies you like on Netflix, HBO, Apple TV, or Disney Plus, spend the Sunday afternoon just relaxing and watching a ton of shows. If you have not watched all seasons of Game of Thrones or House of Cards, it is time to binge-watch.

Journal your thoughts

Journaling is an excellent feeling, and you can use it as a recording of yourself to practice mindfulness or even to know yourself better. What do you like about yourself? What do you regret in life? It really does help to dig out your deepest thoughts and be honest with yourself.

Make a plan for the week ahead

Knowing your schedule can make you better plan your week. Proper planning is part of self care activities and helps you set up a to-do list for the week. You will do better when you are prepared as you have a system in place and know what you want.

Play relaxing music and chill on the sofa

If you are into music, get yourself some quality Bang & Olufsen or Bose speakers, sit down and relax and play your favorite music. You can even turn on the radio to get some good tunes into your life.

Catch up with friends or family

We all need a social life, catch up with friends we have not seen, talk about what is going on in our life, spending time together just talking is an integral part of self care.

For our loved ones, just spend the day playing board games, talking to one another while having a BBQ in your home.

Doodle something random.

Forget about stress for a few minutes. Start doodling, which is actually a perfect way to release tension. If you do not know how to draw, just start making squiggles and shapes. It is really great for the mind so let all of your worries go out the window, take a break and move on with life.

Get into a yoga class

Ever tried yoga? I know it’s not for everyone, but yoga can really help your mind, body, and soul. There are so many types of yoga out there to try, and it can even fit into your daily routine with you sparing just a few minutes daily.

Go for a detoxing cleanse juice or green tea

6 days of beer and wine, late-night partying, or sleep. Spare your body some agony. For your health and a better lifestyle, try to make it a point on self care Sunday to do some detoxing.

Gym and sweat it out

Weights are known to have some great benefits for the body, and it is a good form of self care, too. If you are not into cardio, pick up some weights and go to the gym. With determination, it can be highly beneficial to your physical health and overall well-being.

Try golf

Many individuals who have never played golf believe it to be a slothful pastime. Have 60 balls on the driving range and swing, and you won’t feel tired, but I assure you that if you don’t prepare properly, you will acquire blisters and plenty of sores. If you’re up for it, go out on the green and explore the course;

Play your PlayStation 5 titles

If you already have that Playstation 5 (or any other console), spend the day playing video games. There are some great games out there, and you can get engrossed in them for hours; it is a simple way to disconnect from your busy lifestyle to relax.

Have a family movie night

If you like more quality time with your family, pop up some popcorn and get everyone together for a family movie night. If the kids are not at home, try to do this with your spouse, and it can be entertaining too.

Make a playlist for self care

Make a list of all those songs that make you feel good. Get them ready on YouTube or Spotify and have a dance party, sing-along, or just lip-sync to your favorite tracks. Getting into the groove can be extremely enjoyable, and you will feel amazing too.

Walk your dog

If you have a furry friend at home, take your dog for a walk. No matter how old he is or how lazy he has become, there is simply nothing like the love of a dog for his owner.

Fix up a jigsaw puzzle

Take the time to put that puzzle together. It can be great for your memory and concentration while giving you some work at the same time.

Carpentry or yard work

Take that wood and turn it into something useful, like a table or cabinet. I’m sure your wife would appreciate the assistance, especially if she was considering making some home redesigns.

Do some gardening

If you have a yard, try weeding and planting some fresh flowers for your wife or mother. It is a nice gesture, and you will see the appreciation in their eyes when they see what you have done around the home.

Sleep in early

Try to sleep early and get in some real quality rest, without any noise or distraction. It might be very hard, but it will do great things to your body and mind and allow you to properly recharge yourself for the week ahead.

Visit your parents for dinner

Take your parents out for dinner and spend some time away from technology or your busy schedule. It is always nice to get out of that routine and spend quality time with your family.

Go hiking

Hiking is a great way to detach yourself from your concrete jungle, get in touch with nature and feel one with mother earth. Hikes can be extremely rewarding, and there is no way you will get tired if you plan them properly.

Final thoughts on self care Sunday for men

Something most people think is just a buzzword, and men should not be doing this kinda stuff. The thing is self care actually has some genuine benefits. A few simple changes are all it takes in your routine; the objective is that giving yourself that little bit of self love will make a huge difference.

If you have other ideas, you are more than welcome to do them; it is just a way to take better care of yourself and let go of some stress and anxiety that builds up in our daily lives. All these self care Sunday tips for men can be transcended into other days.


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