What is my passion and how to Find Your Passion

What is my passion and how to find your Passion


If you’re like many people, you may be asking yourself what to do with your life. You are feeling stuck and don’t know how to get out of it. Well, the good news is that there are so many amazing things that you could pursue, but how can you find the right one?

In this blog post, we will discuss how to find your passion and how to find it to live a fulfilled life!

What does find your passion means

There are many different ways to find your passion, and it can be related to many fields, be it work or personal?

One must first understand the definition of what is a “passion.”

Everyone’s passions are different: for some, it may be teaching, while others spent hours writing prose from home, they are still a passion, just that it is meant different things to each person.

Each individual’s passion and perspective are different; thus, finding your passion is more than just picking something you enjoy doing: it must be something that you are passionate about which you can grow and ultimately help you lead a more fulfilling life.

What are some passions in life

Passion can be many things; it can be career-related, personal interest, or even a hobby. Put it this way, even making money is a form of passion as it’s just a personal interest where you benefit from it in another way.

Many find their passions through exploring new things, and others have an innate sense of what they enjoy, such as learning new things, picking up a new hobby, or just making something they’re passionate about.

If you’re the type of person who likes to do many activities at once, then it could be because there’s something out there that you’ll enjoy and find passion in. Spend time exploring and understanding yourself to find out where your true passion lies

The most important thing to remember is that your passions don’t need to be related to anything- and they definitely can change over time. You may not know what you want or where you’re going now, but if following your heart and passion means finding yourself.

For some people, finding a new hobby can be one of the most fulfilling things in life because then they can indulge in things they enjoy and grow from it in many ways possible there are plenty of people who make their crafts into business.

The important thing to remember is that your passion doesn’t have to be something tangible. In other words, the ultimate point is that you must be passionate about it, and that is all that matters.

Remember that if it’s something that doesn’t make your heart sing, then what is the point of doing it in the first place?

How to find your passion and purpose for a fulfilling life

There are a few methods to help you discover your passion and purpose. Some of these are:

Self-discovery by exploring your interests

There are many ways to start finding your passion and purpose. One of the easiest ways is by exploring different interests you might have had when you were younger, which may lead to something that can be pursued later in life.

So start writing down a list of interests that you think that you will be interested in. Focus and explore the possibilities and embark on your passion project.


Through thinking, try to find out what we are happy or sad about. Sometimes we might be angry. We might not know why, but it might be because of what we are passionate about.


You can also find your passion by looking at your dreams. What are you dreaming about? These might be clues to what excites and interests you!

Reflecting on past events

Think of an experience in the past that was fun for you- what did you enjoy about it? What could it mean to your future in terms of interests or passions?

What are things you spent hours on

Take time and figure things that you had spent hours in your free time doing where you enjoy. Writing them down can also provide you with some ideas on the things that interest you.

Talking with others and discussing their passion projects

It can be insightful to talk with friends, family members, classmates, or colleagues who have similar interests as yourself. They may even share something relevant and interesting that resonates with you!

Speaking to a professional

A coach, therapist, or counselor can help you find your passion and purpose. They will guide the conversation in many different directions to get down what makes you happy from an emotional perspective and what is holding you back from reaching your goals.

Everyone is unique: you can start with what comes easiest to you or try new things until something clicks in your soul. This process may be uncomfortable at first, but you will have a better understanding of yourself and what truly makes you happy at the end of it.

Seeking out Passion at work

Passion is not always one thing that can be tie to a job or career. Despite what some people say, many people find they are most passionate about other things and may miss opportunities for their passion.

For instance, many people are not passionate about their job, but they love to bake, so it is a form of passion for them. Whether you are good enough or motivated enough to carve a career or business out of it, it is an entirely different thing. That doesn’t mean that you should quit your job- this means that you need to draw a fine line between finding passion at work and being passionate about your work.

Many professions can be considered passions- for example, doctors and nurses have to do what they love to keep going with the profession because it is so strenuous on their mental health! You genuinely have to study with higher education for years before you can even get there, and you want to help people.

After all, this is a form of true calling- after all, what’s the point of going through with something for years when it doesn’t animate you?

If you ask me personally, can we find a job that we love and are passionate about? I will be very honest, and the truth is there is a possibility. Still, it is a very minimal percentage of people who are lucky enough to explore this path.

Some people do find their passion and live a life that they are passionate about. Still, I don’t encourage this path for the majority since you will never know your true passion as there are so many contributing factors at work that can change or deter progress. The thing is that this is not just a hobby with no commitments.

You have to work hard at your job to make any progress or even stay afloat financially. I mean, passion doesn’t pay debts or put food on the table, right?

Logically, the best thing would be for you to find a job that pays well since it is unlikely that you will enjoy your work or even find passion in it. That way, at least there is some sanity behind what you do and how much money comes into your wallet at the end of the day.

Once you are financially stable, you can then seek your passion and eventually start a business and carve a career out of it, some examples

  • You love baking – You can eventually have your bakery
  • You love creating crafts – You can have your online store selling stuff
  • You love diving – You can have your driving school

The point here is, it is not impossible, but to associate passion with your work and career, you need to plan and know where you are going. You do not want to be unhappy with seeking passion because what you want is to lead a fulfilling life, which requires planning.

Some of you may wonder if I’m making excuses for myself, and some people will say, “But what if everyone thought like this?”Sure, there might be someone out there who found their passion at work or even in college, and that’s great. I’m just saying it isn’t easy to find a job where you are passionate about it, but again this doesn’t mean we don’t try in the first place! Take a calculated risk and be rational!

Remember- your passion doesn’t have to be something tangible because maybe you’re not sure what will make your heart sing or what suits you best yet.

How do you know if something is your passion project

Actually, by looking at yourself, you can find out if something is your passion or not. If it’s hard to get up in the morning and be excited about what you’re doing, that is a first red flag that might mean that this isn’t your true calling.

On the other hand, when you are working on projects with great enthusiasm and feel very fulfilling, you will know that this is a passion project. If something feels like it’s right, then the chances are that it probably is!

In the end, you have to keep trying new things and if you don’t find anything fulfilling, be open to taking time off from work or school and look for other options. Remember: even just one day of doing something you enjoy can make a difference.

There are many ways to find your true calling, and once you do, the sense of peace that comes from doing what you love will be worth all the effort! Remember, it takes time for a person to find their true passion in life, trust the process.

Why can’t I find my passion

Each person has a different life and different priorities that need attention. Sometimes it can make finding one’s passion difficult for some individuals because so many factors can alter your path!

For others, it may be a sense of laziness and lack of motivation stopping them from finding their true passion. People are also afraid to follow what they want because there are so many expectations in society.

Nevertheless, you must find your path in life so take the time to explore all of your options and do what feels right for you! Take a break from social media and think about what brings you joy, and see if there’s something more out there.

What to do when you’re struggling to find your passion

It is more common than you think when you talk about struggles with finding your passion.

Many are affected by peer pressure and are afraid to follow their path in life because they worry about what others might say or think if they don’t do the same thing as everyone else.

It can be especially hard when you feel a sense of complacency and don’t know what to do with your own life, the fear will just come at you, and you start to ask questions where you have no answer.

This is where introspection becomes very important- remember to always think about the things that make you happy or sad. For example, these emotional responses can help guide someone into their passions in life in the long run.

It would help if you stopped worrying about what others think or what society has to say about it and focus on your thoughts.

You need to find out what will make YOU happy first before following the path set out by others, and in my own experiences, too many opinions sometimes do more harm than good, so stay focus and do not lose track!

Can you find your passion later in life

Don’t worry about finding your passion right away, either. Take time for yourself to find out more about who you are and what makes you happy- this will help guide you in the future.

Some people think that they don’t have enough time to figure out their passions in life and if this is you, stop telling yourself this. If you are wasting your life away on social media or Netflix instead of trying new things- then it won’t matter how old you are when you find what makes your heart sing because there will be nothing left to find.

Every person has the same amount of time, and if you are wasting your life away on things that don’t matter, then what’s the point?

I think it is a lot more important to live in the present-even just one day of doing something you enjoy can make all the difference when finding happiness and a sense of peace.

Your Passion Is Right in Front of You

Many times, your passion is right in front of you, and you do not see it yet. In my experience, I found that we tend to feel entitled and take things for granted frequently that make us happy, but because it’s so easy and without much effort- we don’t see them as our true passion in life.

It can be difficult to find your true passions right away, especially if you have been doing something for a long time and getting used to it. Usually, something happens, or someone will come into your life, and it will bring you back to what is important, and at that moment, you will see that your passion has been right in front of you all along.

Think about what makes you happy and try to find more things like it- I guarantee that if you keep thinking about the way these feelings make you feel, then they are surely a sign of a more fulfilling life.

Take the time to explore all of your options, do what feels right for you! It’s all about the balance of knowing when and how much time you need to invest in each area of your life.

It might take some time- but if you are willing to put the work into finding what is right for YOU, then that opportunity will present itself soon enough!

The idea here is not to focus on finding your passion right away but rather find YOUR PASSION- not someone else’s.

It will come in time, and when it does, you will know. The great thing about life is that there are infinite possibilities for what to do with it, so don’t be afraid of following your path if it doesn’t match the expectations of others or society. It’s never too late!

For those who have a family history of success in certain careers, that doesn’t mean anything- because the only thing that matters is what will make YOU happy, and no one else has to agree with your choices or passions for them to be valid.

Final Thoughts on how to find your Passion

The only way to find your true passion is by stepping up and exploring what you’re interested in. It can be a new job or even a new car; you have to make things happen.

You can’t just sit around, waiting for life to happen or for a sign from the universe that says, “this is it.” If you want something badly enough, you should be willing to do everything in your power to get it—starting taking action and forget the excuses that you have been giving yourself.

This will involve taking risks and trying new things even if they seem scary at first.

In most cases, people’s biggest regret is that they realize how little time they spent doing what truly fulfilled them while pursuing other goals instead.


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