How to be a better father by active parenting

How to be a better father by active parenting


Being a father is one of the most important roles in our lives, The day you hold your baby in your hands is a special moment, but it’s also a lot of work so that you can be an awesome dad. It is important to learn the best ways and spend time taking care of your children’s lives.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects of how to be a better father, and some ways you can use such as active parenting to help you be a better parent in general. The method will help you improve your relationship with your child.

So what is Active Parenting

Active parenting is all about being involved fathers encouraging your kids, and letting them know that you support their efforts, no matter what they do. It takes the form of taking an active interest where you spend time and show interest in how your child does at school or sports and praising them for their accomplishments, rather than solely focusing on the mistakes and failures of your child.

It would help if you also encouraged them to do more instead of doing it for them; this will help them gain confidence in their abilities. You need not be perfect or pretend you are always right – Children learn by seeing how others to act, so even if they make a mistake, let them find out rather than correcting them yourself.

The father-child relationship is extremely important to how children see themselves. If you can show them love, care, and attention with everyday examples, as the kids grow, it will help them develop healthy relationships with people later in their own lives. Spending time with your kids doesn’t mean doing everything they want but instead engaging in activities suitable for their age group or ability.

A piece of honest parenting advice, demonstrating honesty, and being a good friend to your child is some of the best ways to raise a responsible and well-adjusted child. Setting boundaries, being consistent in your parenting style, and having good communication skills are valuable lessons you can teach your kids.

What are the benefits of active parenting vs. passive parenting

Passive parenting tends to be more popular among parents due to their desire for power and control. Parents tend to set rules without explaining the purpose behind those rules, which can be very harmful as it will give children a sense that their opinions are not respected or needed.

Instead of being the “boss,” why not take a more active parent approach? Establish a good relationship with your kids by showing love and support.

Get involved, play, listen, teach and talk about difficult subjects, and it will help your children to have more self-confidence in themselves, which will help them achieve their goals and set high standards without feeling like they aren’t good enough, boosting their self-esteem. This form of parenting also helps children create healthy relationships with themselves and others later in their lives.

Children who have active father figures in their lives tend to grow up with more confidence and a better attitude towards themselves, which makes them happier too. These kids also tend to develop healthier relationships as adults because of the care given by their father figure while growing up.

When you set goals for your child, make sure they are in line with what they want to achieve in the future; this will give them direction and purpose, which is very important when motivating someone else. Kids also feel loved if their parents show concern when something goes wrong or celebrate when something good happens instead of just saying “congratulations” when you succeed.

What are the core values of Active Parenting?

Some of the main tenets of active parenting include:

Set reasonable limits

Always encourage your child to try new things and take the initiative in activities, ensure they have fun, and bond with your kids.

Set goals with your kids

Let them choose how they want to achieve those set goals. Great dads are there to guide them, and if they fall, you will provide guidance and help them learn why they fail and how they can do better.

Praise them for their efforts

The child wants your attention and likes you to praise them rather than just saying “congratulations” when they succeed. Don’t ever feel that this should be done by women or mothers only. If you want to be a better dad, then you should talk with your kids about everything.

Importantly, be an active listener and show love and affection for your child. These simple things will help create a healthy relationship between father and child, which is extremely important in their lives.

How to be a great dad to your children

We often wonder too much about what kind of desirable behavior we should display to our children. While parenting does require much effort, the rewards are far greater than any amount of hard work you put into it.

The father-child relationship is equally important as compared to mother and daughter or son. We are all role models to our children, and they learn by looking at how we act, so if you show love, care, and attention, you are your child’s role model to emulate.

Spending time with your kids doesn’t mean doing everything they want but instead engaging in activities suitable for their age group or ability. Remember this, you are everything to your child, and they craved your attention and recognition. It does not matter if they fall or did not succeed. It is about you being there for them and going through and building memories together.

Having a healthy family life

The whole family life consists of love, parents respecting one another, and understanding each other in the household.

Families should always work together to be effective and efficient. It helps strengthen their bond together, which can help them tackle difficulties that may come along in life easier than if everything remains unsaid.

This form of active parenting helps families grow closer as one unit rather than separate entities that may conflict with each other at times. Parents need to know how to solve these conflicts amicably, so no one gets hurt or offended.

Spending quality time with your child

Time is the most valuable thing that you can give to your child. It also shows them how much they mean to us by taking time out of our busy schedules for their benefit.

Asking questions and listening is one way we show love instead of just giving orders or making demands on what they should be doing all the time without caring about them as individuals.

Good dad provides positive discipline

A father plays many roles in his child’s life, including provider, protector, and teacher.

One of the ways to become a better father is by providing positive discipline that benefits the child instead of just saying “no” all the time or showing anger when punishment is needed. Kids will learn best if their parents show them how they can do better next time or be more careful the next time around.

Positive discipline teaches your child not by telling them what they can’t do but by helping them develop self-discipline and responsibility for their actions through learning experiences that make sense to them rather than you.

You are the role model for your child

For children, you are their role model for how they should behave in life. If you are always shouting at them or disciplining harshly, then that is what they will do in the future when faced with similar situations.

You need to understand your child’s behavior and why it happens instead of just reacting immediately without giving any thought. It is your job to show the child how they can do better next time or be more careful if faced with dangerous situations in the future. It helps develop self-discipline and responsibility for their actions through learning experiences that make sense instead of just saying “no.”

Learn to first listen to your child before taking action

I am guilty of this, and I am sure many of us are. We tend not to stop and think about what our children are saying before jumping to conclusions or giving them orders for how they should behave in certain situations when they may have a different point of view on things.

Learning to listen first is one way to make the relationship with our child more healthy where both parties feel valued and respected. Children crave attention but giving them the wrong kind of attention can be detrimental to their growth.

You are your child’s teacher for life

As parents, we are our child’s first teachers in their life. They learn through watching us behave in different situations. We are teaching them to become better individuals, and at the same time, our negative side can come out when we are stressed or at odd with each other.

We need to be more mindful of how our actions can affect our children negatively in the long run. Even though it might seem like a minor tantrum now will not cause any issues later on, we are their first teachers, meaning they emulate.

It is really about putting your child’s needs before yours, providing them a secure environment, and making them feel secure with open communication where they can ask questions of what they don’t understand instead of feeling scared to approach us for fear of getting shouted at or disciplined harshly when things go wrong.

Share and treasure the moments 

Loving father grows in their children’s hearts from the day they are still a baby. A good father sets aside time for their child to spend quality time together by doing things they both enjoy, whether playing a game or watching TV together in silence because sometimes you don’t need words spoken to feel loved.

Every day is a new opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted because tomorrow never comes back! It’s only in the past when looking through old photos or home videos, do we realize how much time has flown by and what precious moments have been missed so far away doing.

Read to your child 

It doesn’t have to be a book with words; you can also read picture books together. Children love seeing stories come alive through images and hearing their parent’s voices when they are young because that is the only sound they know in life.

Share your time by reading for them but most importantly, share yourself as an individual too, so they feel secure about being themselves when they are with you.

You can also show your child how much you love them by reading through social media posts, short articles, or quotes on the internet that resonate with you and why it means something to share them as a family when times get tough, for example, after losing someone close to us. These little moments of sharing time will keep your child wanting to spend more time with you while they are growing up.

Always respect and love your wife

It is not just about respecting and loving your wife. It is about demonstrating the importance of these values to your child. For sons, they will learn to understand that this is how they should treat their wives, and for daughters, this is how a man should be treating her.

It is how your children will learn to respect you as their father because this is what they see daily. We are the example of who our children want to be when they grow up, so if we treat others with love and affection, there won’t be any problem showing them that it should be reciprocated back.

We can also instill these values by showing them that it is beneficial to be a kind person and good human being, not just for yourself but others too, because you never know what someone else might be going through. This way, they will always think before judging individuals who look different from themselves or those from another social background and learning the importance of forgiveness and understanding that everyone makes mistakes in life.

Express genuine interest in what they are doing

You can show love without having to constantly issue orders all the time on what they should do or not do in life, but instead, show them how much they mean to you through taking time out of your busy schedules and put some interest into their likes and dislikes.

You do not have to go and learn how to play an instrument or take up a sport they like, but you can ask or talk to them about their day at school and what they did. If the child is doing something that interests them, try asking more questions instead of looking disinterested, this will help boost your kid’s confidence in themselves.

If you are interested in something, your child will take an interest in it too, and they may even try to do things that they see their father doing or being passionate about. It is a great way for them to learn new skills while having fun with their parent at the same time!

On top of showing interest, you can also show affection and love by showing concern or trying to understand your child.

Your children may be going through something that they cannot tell you about due to fear of scaring away their parents because it might be something serious like bullying at school; you will need to find other ways to help them with the situation.

Encourage their progress and educate their failures

You need to encourage them when they are doing something right, but it is just as important that you do not discourage or humiliate them if they fail.

If your child makes a mistake, you should try looking beyond their failures and look for ways to make up instead of making them feel bad about it. Importantly find out what the child is afraid of when they do not want to tell you; this will allow you the opportunity to try and help them with their fears.

The process places more focus on progress and understanding rather than fear of failure.

Constant affections for your child

Your kid will always love a hug from you when they require some support. The love from a loving father is the key to a happy childhood, and you have an awesome responsibility of being there for this little one throughout their life.

Your child should never feel alone in this world, so be active when it comes to showing your kid that you care about them!

Father-Child Relationship equals best friends

One of the best ways to be a good dad is to adopt a “we” mindset rather than an “I” one. You are your child’s best friend and buddy, be energetic and show that you have limits.

When it comes to the parenting job, this is the kind of parent that your kid will look up to. You can be energetic and, at the same time, show them that you have limits for them not to feel like they are running the whole house! Such bonds have very positive impacts; your child will be more willing to open up to you and tell you things without fear as they are met with support instead of judgment.

Final thoughts on how to be a better father

To be a good father to your children, you need to give them a chance for success. You are their role model, and they will learn from what you do more than anything else. Put in some work on yourself first to provide positive discipline, learn how to listen before taking action with your child, and show them that you care and are interested in their interests.


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