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7 reasons to take a leap of faith that can impact changes in your life.


In life, it’s not easy to step outside our comfort zones—but that doesn’t mean we should let fear keep us from trying new things. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations, we might feel anxious and unsure of what to do next. We all have our comfort zone, so don’t worry; you’re not the only one who’s been afraid to take the leap of faith.

Many people fail at making significant changes in their lives is because they are unwilling to take that first step. And they end up doing what they’ve always done instead of what they’ve never done before. So let’s fix that belief right now by taking a huge leap of faith and going outside our comfort zones to help us develop the courage to try new things, take risks and grow.

What is the meaning of take a leap of faith

The faith quote: “Leap of faith – yes, but only after reflection”

-Søren Kierkegaard

You may feel like you need to keep your head down and keep doing what you’ve been doing and not rock the boat, but when it comes to creating a change, it’s time to step up and jump into the unknown and see what happens. If you want to be successful, you will have to do the things you don’t want to do and what you don’t want to experience. We sometimes call these “leaps of faith.” The more critical the decision is to you, the bigger the leap.

To take a leap of faith is simply an action taken without the full realization of all the risks associated with that action. It’s also known as “taking a risk” or “risky,” which means some inherent dangers and fear are involved in taking that action. It can be hard work to do something new, especially when we’ve been doing the same thing for our entire life and suddenly you are going to take a blind leap. However, when we take a leap of faith, we go out of our comfort zone to try something we don’t know if we will like or be good at.

Sometimes, taking the first step is the hardest one, but for great things to happen, one must look beyond and take the step forward. 

How you can take a leap of faith 

“The best way to change your life is to stop doing what you’ve always done and start doing what you’ve never done before.” – Unknown.

When you are at the end of your rope, there is no other choice but to take a deep breath and make a leap. What do you mean? Think about it. If you feel the situation is hopeless and the only way to jump, what will be your following action? So, if you are ready to take the leap of faith and get out of your comfort zone, here are some tips that will help you with the initial leap.

“You can’t make things happen, but you can make yourself believe they will.”

– Unknown.

What do you want to achieve

When you take a leap of faith, you do something entirely outside your comfort zone. You’re willing to risk failure and rejection to do what you think is the right thing to do. It can feel scary when there is plenty of doubt and uncertainty. As a human being, it takes courage, and sometimes you wonder if you are going in the right direction.

The first step is to recognize when you need to make one. It’s not always easy to know when, but you must set an objective and purpose for what you want to achieve in this choice that you are going to make.

Put faith in your instincts

It may seem like a bad idea to jump off a cliff with no idea where you will land or what is waiting for you when you hit the ground. There will be many moments where you repeatedly consider if it is a good idea or if the risk is even worth it. However, there are certain situations in which you can use your instinct to determine if your current direction is the right one. Look for the signs and signals that come along the way and put faith in your decision.

Stop overthinking and do it

“You can never cross the river by merely standing and staring at it; you must take a leap into the unknown.”

– Unknown.

We tend to be very self-conscious in our decision-making. We worry and often think about what other people think about us and what they will think if we make a particular choice. We also think about how we’ll feel if something goes wrong.

These thoughts and feelings can paralyze us from taking a risk and making a decision. You end up spinning your wheels and wasting a ton of time. Just think about all of the things you can do to avoid thinking about something. Stop thinking so much! Do what you want, and then figure out what you want along the way. 

Relinquish control and trust the process

Trusting the process means being patient and letting go of our control and power over the outcome. You’re in charge of your strategy and the execution of your plan, but you can’t micromanage every decision made. 

We can’t force something to happen if we don’t believe it will happen. Instead, we focus on creating a better future for ourselves and trusting that good thing will happen. When we don’t take risks, we miss out on the opportunity to build better futures for ourselves, whether in business, personal relationships, or health. So let your passion take over to steer you in the right direction.

Accept the outcome

One of the biggest concerns when people take the leap of faith is people are worried that something terrible will happen. They worry they’ll be disappointed at the end and the expectations they had set for themselves. The only thing that will make them feel better is to know that they tried. So they wait and hold off and wait and hold off.

There’s no reason to wait, as taking a leap of faith also equates that you should have a certain amount of “acceptance.” in the outcome regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Even if you think the outcome will suck, you have to try, or else you will never know and will regret that you never take the initial leap.

Why you should take a leap of faith

“You can’t live your life without risk. And you can’t live your life by following the crowd. You have to take a leap of faith. You have to find out who you are. Then you have to be that person. You can’t be anyone else.”

– Unknown

Why would you be better off taking a leap of faith than making small, incremental changes? Is it a good idea, you ask yourself?

In short, a leap of faith is about risk and is definitely a risky leap that comes with tremendous upside potential. There are 3 main reasons why people make incremental changes.

  • They want to avoid risks.
  • People don’t like taking risks.
  • They feel they have no reason to take further risks.

In short, it is all about being in a comfort zone; when they are no reasons to entice them to risk it, people become comfortable with what they have in life. Thus, making incremental changes allows them to avoid risk. They do not want to commit themselves to something big as they fear failure or the unforeseen.

For example, a wealthy man will have his business, career to lose as compared to a poor man who has got nothing on his back. The poor man’s only option would be to take the leap so that he can find a chance for a better life. In contrast, the rich man will have to take a higher risk to lose it all or become even more decadent.

The point here is, I am not saying you should do that for everything because it is senseless and reckless. Regardless of whatever benefits, the real world tells us that there will be consequences which we must face.

I am saying that there are times that you need to trust your instincts and take a leap of faith with purpose in life. As the saying goes, slow and easy wins the race, but if you are not willing to take some risks, your life will be pretty monotonous, and you know yourself nothing will change, and greatness will never be related to you.

Remember, once the ship sails, you may have missed the best opportunity to make a difference in your life, and then you can only regret that you never took action.

So, let’s take a look at what you can benefit from when you take a leap of faith.

Self-discovery about yourself

Self-discovery happens when you stop telling yourself what you think you know about yourself and instead start telling yourself what you don’t know. Learning about yourself involves a change in your way of thinking and a way to get out of the comfort zone of your thoughts, to explore your strengths and weaknesses, which changes how you act. It can be described as: “the process of gaining self-awareness and insight into yourself.”

Self-discovery can be described as a lifelong process that involves a change in your thinking and acting. A leap of faith into the unknown can be a terrifying thing, and when you do so, you start to understand better your limits and potentials and your strengths. 

You look at yourself differently

You realize that you have more than what you thought and will learn that you are more robust in reality. In the process, you will also understand that you have more control over your life which you may never know. You will also learn that you are better than what others tell you that you are not. You will realize that you are capable of things that you did not consider possible before.

We all want to decide to take the plunge. The trick to the way we think about ourselves and our capabilities after doing so. The decision to change your life is often accompanied by feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and uncertainty. A good step in taking the leap is to start thinking of yourself in a new light-not as someone who will fail, but as someone who will succeed.

You will feel yourself change

The best thing about taking a leap of faith is that it will impact you in many ways in your personal development. You will start to view yourself very differently. Mainly you will see yourself in a different light and be more optimistic with yourself. The following traits will begin to develop with you.

  • Be more humble.
  • Develop patience.
  • Learn to trust yourself.
  • Learn to trust others.
  • Learn to appreciate yourself and others. 
  • Improve your life.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Improve your health.
  • Develop a more positive attitude.
  • Make your dreams come true.
  • Give you confidence.
  • Help you make your own decisions.
  • Help you develop a strong character.
  • Help you build a good character.
  • You will find yourself in a new state of mind and in a better place than you were before.

You look forward to challenges

“If I don’t try, I’ll never know,” vs. “I can’t say I wouldn’t love to, but I’m just not wired to do it.”

Which one describes you better? Most people are very risk-averse, so we don’t often take risks in our lives. If you’re open to trying something new, you’ll likely enjoy it more, and you’ll probably be more willing to try it again. 

When we’re in a situation where we feel that we’re being pushed into a difficult decision, how we react to that can make a big difference. We all feel a certain amount of stress when faced with tough choices, but how we approach that stress can significantly impact our overall happiness, confidence, motivation, and willingness to take risks.

When you know yourself better and confidence built up, you will start to build up adrenaline and look forward to challenges that come your way.

You learn to explore with reasons

A lot of people struggle with this. They’re afraid to fail, so they don’t try and are stagnant. The way to break out of the mindset is to take a leap of faith. You know that when you do, things will change. There will be more opportunities and more things you haven’t thought of yet.

Your mindset will change, and you grow curiosity. You’ll be able to approach your life and your projects with more positivism and confidence. When you believe something, it changes your worldview. You see things differently because you can’t help but interpret everything through the lens of your belief.

You will choose not to believe in the possibility of the outcome that everyone tells you, but instead, you learn to explore the route with your reasons and work with your methods and strategies, which you believe may or may not alter the outcome.

You feel liberated

Let’s face it. We are all guilty of not taking action and just procrastinating on our tasks.

What’s your excuse?

When you take a leap of faith, you’re trusting yourself to make the right decision. Once you’ve done that, you don’t have to worry about the outcome because it’s in your hands. You trust yourself to make a decision meaning you are also permitting yourself to fail. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to fail. It just means that you’ll experience the natural consequences of failure, and the results are usually positive.

Remember, the less we worry about the outcome, the more liberated we’ll be. The more we think about what could go wrong, the less likely we are to do it, and you are just wasting time in your head weighing the consequences that you imagine with your thoughts.

You start to achieve things you never thought you could

You cannot predict the future, but you can control your life. Believe in yourself and take the leap. The outcome, whether it is good or bad, you will start to achieve things you never thought you could and will be amazed by yourself. 

There are times when we need to trust that everything will turn out just fine. A leap of faith is different than blind optimism or pessimism. You’re not sitting around waiting for the worst-case scenario to happen. You’re doing something about it, and that’s the difference.  

Final thoughts on take a leap of faith.

The key takeaway is that while a leap of faith can be risky, it’s an opportunity to achieve a big reward. The fact is, we all experience both types of situations. There is no way to escape them. So, the next time you are feeling down, or you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do, take a leap of faith, and try something new. It may not work out, but at least you’ll know how to feel when you land. I hope you found this article helpful; spread your wings, and take that giant leap today!


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  1. Thank you for sharing. This was very well written with a lot of great information. Fear holds us back from getting out of our comfort zones. We should all take that leap of faith!

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