51 fun father daughter activities to do together

51 fun father daughter activities to do together


Fathers and daughters can have a special relationship to share feelings, thoughts and secrets or simply have fun together doing various activities.

Some dads have struggled with this and sometimes try-hard. It’s really simple, and there are many things that you can do with your daughter that will last forever. All you need to do is dedicate time to your daughter and be interested in what she says.

Spending quality time with your daughters requires that you make some effort, whether it’s just talking, eating dinner together. There is plenty of father daughter activities that you can think and do, and here are 50 of my all-time favorite.

Cook a meal together

Spending time in the kitchen with your daughter is a great way to laugh together. For older girls, keep things simple with brownies. Older daughters might prefer trying something more sophisticated than baking a cake. Collaborating on a menu and browsing the grocery store can also hone in life-long teamwork and financial responsibility.

Enjoying your work makes a sweet memory. Also, you could teach your daughter some good grilling techniques. If you’re not handy, then it’s probably a chance for your daughter to turn the tables around you and teach you some things.

Go on a camping trip

Camping with your daughter provides a great chance to learn some essential skills or enjoy the fun. If you have a little girl not interested in roughing it up, you might find backyard campouts very entertaining.

S’mores, of course, is optional everywhere you’re on an adventure but don’t forget lanterns; instead of burning the campfires, opt for lanterns. Camping with her can teach her to find true north, navigate with a compass, and build a fire at night. Roast some hot dogs at night to learn who has told the scariest ghosts.

Makeover Madness

You might think the related activity is limited to mothers and daughters, but dads can get in the action as well. Make your shower a spa for two days and paint your daughter’s nails and toenails. Afterward, let your daughters get you a makeover, and you can have father daughter matching outfits.

Nothing is more fun than seeing dad wearing blue eyeshadow and lip gloss. You could also find recipes for homemade cosmetics online and make an eye and nose mask for your girl. This helps your girl understand that you don’t take yourself too seriously and can be fun too.

Picture this and make a photo album

Use your camera to take pictures of her unique qualities. Ask her to find things that she appreciates the most from her family or friends. After taking pictures or drawing a photo, make a photo album or a unique book for her to keep for later. Daughters who prefer to paint or draw can draw their own pictures or make a book about her. To make a great day of it, drive around town and take photos of her favorite places and landmarks or take photos of her favorite stuff to mark her birthday.

Do her favorite activity

Ask her what her favorite activity is? Whether playing an instrument, riding a bike or simply watching TV – do what she likes to do. This is very important for girls to have their own things they’re good at and are passionate about.

It does not matter as long as she likes it, and It could be simple as spending time together practicing music, read a book or cooking something that she likes best.

Do a scavenger hunt

Scavenger missions require locating a list of items and a little creativity. You might also need to work together as a team, so this is a great way to have some fun with your daughter.

Compile a list of the things that she has never done before, and the list should be everyday things for young children (and older ones too). Let her do these tasks and take pictures. You can also add some fun for your daughter by ending the final day at a park or an ice cream shop.

Write a story with your little girl

Writing a story together is a beautiful way to spend time together. When you make up some silly stories, it’s easy and fun for everyone. Your characters can be princesses, pirates or anything as long as they’re original and exciting.

For young children, easy stories are those where the main character is looking for someone or something throughout the story.

Go on a date

There are a lot of father daughter date suggestions out there, so make a list and choose the ones you like to spend time with your daughter. You may save money on flowers and chocolates by buying her something she’ll adore for a long time instead. Make a memory or photograph album to make an already special day even more memorable. It’s

Learn a father daughter dance

This is actually an excellent way to bond. It’s also a good way to give your girl some appreciation for her dad by putting him in the spotlight. The dance is usually something extraordinary to celebrate the beauty of father-daughter relationships. The dance can be anything, from formal ballroom dance to something as simple as doing the twist. Make sure that she is having fun and you can even learn some moves.

Bring in the board games

Board games are not just for rainy days or snowy weekends; they are for any time you spend with your daughter. When it’s a nice day out, try setting up the board games outside. A little fresh air can do wonders, especially if she gets tired of sitting down all day long. Never forget to make sure to let her sometimes win too!

Video Game Duels

Let your daughter choose which video games she is going to play. Pay attention to the rating to ascertain if it is suitable for her age. Your daughter is likely an even better gamer than yours, so it’s all right and good. Allowing her to teach you the finest points of play will help her build confidence.

Bring her to fish

If you know how to fish, you will be surprised that little girls can get quite excited about it. Give her a chance to catch the fish and praise her when she catches something. That can be a wonderful moment for both of you.

Build an epic fort

It is not your ordinary fort. The fort is vast and belongs exclusively to dad and daughter. It should be full of all kinds of stuff to keep you busy. Get some sheets for the fort, pillows, cushions, chairs and even some boxes that can serve as tables or stools. Throw some snacks into the fort, as well as some board games and a deck of cards.

Dad’s little apprentice

Invite her to become your apprentice and help you do some painting, tighten nails, or do anything yourself. Or you can also simply ask for her assistance around the house. She will be so proud to help dad, and it’s a beautiful way to spend time together.

Take a trip to the Zoo

Zoo trips are never dull; it is a fun activity that the whole family can do together. Let your daughter choose which animals she wants to see and take some time just to listen to her. It will help you get into her mind and tune into what kind of things she likes, which can be precious information.

Take lessons together

Learn something new together is a fantastic bonding time for both of you. It is an excellent opportunity to cultivate your daughter’s talents and to help her be focused. You will both get into shape while learning something new, which is an instant double win.

Take her on a thrift shopping trip

Look for a resale shop near you and go with your daughter to pick out a bargain. Books and puzzles are frequently excellent buys, as well as clothing that would make a perfect cosplay outfit. Give your daughter a dollar to spend and teach her how to handle money. Your money will not go to waste, and your daughter will learn to budget.

Start a daddy daughter dinner night tradition

Traditions are lovely things that link your daughter to the family, and she will likely cherish them for the rest of her life. Having daddy daughter dinner night is a great tradition because it can help you build up memories with your daughter that will stay with her forever.

Make a creation station

A creation station with all the materials you need for arts and crafts is a great way to spend an afternoon. Your daughter will have hours of fun with this, and you’ll get the opportunity to see your daughter’s unique creativity come into play.

Get out on the town

Plan a day trip with your daughter so she can show you her old stomping ground and share her favorite sights. This is a great way to encourage the love of travel in your daughter and let her show you around town.

Plan a naughty day

Plan a day for both of you to be as naughty as possible. You can plan some pranks and spend the day teasing each other. This can be a great chance to bond with your daughter and teach her that everything is in moderation (even mischief).

Plan a bike ride

Find a scenic route and plan an afternoon of biking with your daughter. Biking is a great way to promote exercise and happiness, as well as spending time with your daughter.

Star glazing together

Sit down on camp chairs and watch the stars with your daughter. The chance to lie back and take in the wonder of the galaxy is a great way to teach your daughter about astronomy if you know some.

Street art in the yard

Get some wooden planks and some paint and create some incredible street art in your front yard. Let your little girl paint her own ideas on the planks. These are excellent father daughter activities and will allow her to express herself and get her to interact with you outside.

Carpentry with dad

Let your daughter help you with some carpentry work together; under proper supervision, let her use a saw and hammer nails in with you. This is something she can show off to all of her friends and family and be really proud of it.

Make a scrapbook together

Sit down with your daughter and create a scrapbook for the both of you that would include everything from action shots to family memories. This can be a great way to show her how much she means to you and give her something she can treasure forever.

Who can say no to ice cream

Ice cream is the perfect treat to take your little girl out for. Take her on a walk and buy her some ice cream. This will make her happy and encourage memories of good times with dad.

Take your daughter to work

Take your daughter to work with you and let her help you out for a day. This will be an excellent chance for her to learn and understand about your job and will let her feel like she’s part of the family.

Play make-believe

Children love to play make-believe and act like adults. Take your daughter shopping with you, let her pick out some clothes for her dolls and then let her try them on for herself, then allow her to make the payment at the checkout. This will give her a sense of responsibility and let her feel like she’s taking part in something that you both do together.

Build and fly a kite together

Dads and daughters should build a kite and fly it together at the park. The whole process allows for great bonding and gives you both a lot of memories to share. On top of that, there will be plenty of running and chasing involved, which is a great way to expand her energy.

Special handshake

This will be uniquely your daughter’s, and she can use it to greet you only. It will always be a special thing that only the two of you know, and it is a great way to let your daughter know that you have a secret between just the two of you.

Go skating, surf skate, ice-skating whichever

Whatever skate rocks your boat, go skating with your daughter and teach her the ropes. This will be something that allows her to always remembers that daddy taught me to skate.

Take her to a concert

Be a cool dad and take her to a concert of your daughter’s favorite band or show. It will be something she will always be grateful for; while it may not be your first choice of music, it is a great way to encourage positive vibes between the two of you.

Visit the museum

Museums are a great learning experience for both you and your daughter. See the museum from a child’s perspective and let them ask questions; they will be curious and happy to learn about what interests them most.

Have a tea party

She’ll think you’re the best dad ever if you have a little tea party with her. Make sure she feels special by asking what snacks or drinks she’d like, let her do all of the decorating herself, and make it extra special; let her invite her friends, and she will be so proud of you.

Mini golf is enjoyable

Mini golf is actually lots of fun than you think, and it encourages taking turns and doing things together. This is a great father daughter activity, and you can encourage your daughter to be competitive, having races around the holes and using this as bonding time to laugh about the silly shots that each of you makes.

Arts and Craft

Prepare to get messy. Arts and crafts are an excellent way for you and your daughter to spend time together and let her imagination run wild. This is a really relaxing activity that can actually be really creative and fun.

Do science experiments

Learn something new together; science experiments are a great learning tool and will make your daughter interested in science. You can go online and buy all of the materials and step-by-step tutorials for almost any experiment.

Have a “yes’ day

This is one of the most challenging, fun father-daughter activities To Do Together, BUT it is also rewarding. Let your daughter make all of the decisions for a day, and let her tell you what to do. This will show her that you have confidence in her and allows her to feel very grown-up. However, do set boundaries clearly beforehand to avoid any unnecessary disappointment, such as the yes rule applies to only your neighborhood etc.

Karaoke Singing or do a Tik Tok video

Spend the day karaoke singing and let your daughter make all of the decisions in terms of music. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, come up with a dance routine to go with it and make a Tik Tok music video. Spend time practicing and choreographing together, and you will have a lot of fun with this one.

Play hide and seek

This is suitable for all ages, you can play it with your daughter whether she’s 5 or 15. You can add forfeits or handicaps to make the game more interesting.

Body Tracing together

This is an effortless way to spend an afternoon with your daughter. You can find a book of body tracing at the local library and then sit down together and have fun redrawing different parts of people’s faces using their bodies as references. This will help your daughter develop her art skills while you both have a good time.

Simple Simon says

The game is easy; all you need to do is remember the commands said using the words “Simple Simon” or “Simon says.” This game can be made easier or more difficult by adding in extra rules.

Wash your home vehicle

Get ready for a wet and soapy day with your daughter, wash your car together as it is an excuse to get all wet and soapy without mum complaining. This is a great way to develop positive memories with your daughter, and you will see that she becomes more responsible around the house because of it.

Wash the toilet together

One of the most important and unappreciated household jobs is washing the toilet; why not do this with your daughter and show her how to do it in a fun way. It is actually a positive and practical memory that will stick with your daughter forever.

Start work on a DIY project together

Prepare a list and let your little girl pick a DIY project she wants to complete with you and then enjoy getting your hands dirty together. You can choose something like pottery painting or making a bird feeder.

Fix a Jigsaw puzzle

A personal favorite of mine, you can go online and buy a picture that speaks to you both, then sit down with your daughter and spend an afternoon or evening solving a jigsaw puzzle. You can add more rules, such as when one piece is put incorrectly, the other person has to say “done.”

Make an obstacle course

Put up different obstacles such as jump hoops and see how quickly you can go through them. You can make an obstacle course and race to the finish line with your daughter, and this will get everyone involved in a competitive but fun way. Of course, if your daughter is too young for this, then it’s okay to let her win every time, so she feels like a winner.

Go to the beach

Why not take your daughter to the beach and let her build sandcastles? Let her play around like a child while you sit back and relax, knowing she is having fun. Your wife is not the only person you can walk down the beach with.

Watch her favorite TV show together

Sit down for a day and spend the afternoon watching your daughter’s favorite TV show. This will help you bond with her and allow you to keep up to date with her interests.

Make a time capsule

You can buy a time capsule, or you can make one yourself. When you collect items to put in the box, always include something that will remind you of your daughter, if she is too young to remember this, then take photos and put them in the box so that when she’s old enough, she’ll know what was important to both of you.

Final thoughts on father daughter activities

Your daughter is only going to be young for so long. It’s up to you, her dad, to make the most of this time and create memories that will last a lifetime. While mothers do things better than fathers with daughters, there are many activities where dads can excel or even take on something new with their little girls.

This is not a piece about how fathers are better than mothers. That’s not what this article is about at all. The blog post’s point was to discuss that there are many father-daughter activities available for dads and moms alike, but it takes effort on both parents‘ behalf to make them successful.

We need to understand our daughters enough to take an interest in their hobbies or interests and make time for one another. If you find yourself frustrated with your daughter because she doesn’t want anything to do with you, try taking an interest in her passions instead – don’t just give up! It’s hard work being a parent sometimes, but if we’re willing to put forth the effort, then there’s no doubt we can create a lifetime of happy and fantastic memories.


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